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Smarter Business Brokering is the international brokering arm of Smarter Limited.

‘Matching’ buyers and sellers of goods and services in the UK and around the world.

An increasing desire by companies to develop international trade is driving significant change in the B2B market and opening up new business opportunities. The internet is enabling this change with the development of vertical B2B marketplaces; allowing multiple buyers and sellers to engage in commercial transactions.

There are three primary players in a Vertical Marketplaces: buyer, seller and market maker. What differentiates a market maker is their proven networking, business development and relationship management approach, to opening up new business and building trusted relationships.

Smarter focuses on Vertical Marketplaces. Having negotiated and closed numerous deals in the past, Smarter helps companies secure the critical skills and distinctive competencies needed to manage the challenges and dynamics of international trade; by ‘matching’ and/or representing buyers and sellers.

Smarter combines proven business experience, across many sectors, with extensive local market knowledge to help entrepreneurs and investors get the right deal.

Our Services include:

SmartSell™ - matching and connecting a buyer, for a seller.

SmartSellPlus™ - matching a buyer, for a seller and, negotiating on behalf of the seller and/or providing added value services to the seller.

SmartBuy™ - matching and connecting a seller, for a buyer.

SmartBuyPlus™ - matching a seller, for a buyer and, negotiating on behalf of the buyer and/or providing added value services to the buyer.

Added-value services - working with its partners, Smarter also provides a range of additional services, including: commercial negotiations; translation services; international legal advice; risk & transaction management; insurance & foreign exchange; international logistics and bonded warehousing.

Please download Smarter's Product Specification document to help define in detail the product you wish to:

BUY - 

Product Specification (Buyer).docx


Product Specification (Seller).docx

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“We started our business events season with an International Trading seminar at the Institute of Directors, where Ken Davey, Founder and Managing Director of Smarter Limited, gave us valuable advice on how to succeed when taking your business abroad.”

Rosa Thurman, General Manager, Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce

Smarter offer a flexible 12 stage transaction retainer based contract, which operates across the four key phases of a transaction: Research – Engagement – Commercials – Management (RECM). The RECM plan has been devised to give our clients maximum flexibility, with Smarter providing only the critical skills and distinctive competencies needed to manage the dynamics of international trade, where there is a ‘gap’ in our client’s capabilities.

Click for details details of our RECM Plan

For most deals, Smarter operate a retainer plus success fee, based on a percentage of the value of the transaction, plus any added-value services; with the retainer being deductible from the success fee upon the closing of the transaction.

Smarter's success fee is typically between 3% to 5% on deals over £1 Million and between 5% to 15% on smaller deals - in both cases the percentage is dependent on the deal size and complexity of the scope of work involved. Retainers are agreed and paid in advance, for each transaction stage, and based on an hourly rate. Contracts are occasionally undertaken on a success fee only basis.


Assisted a Finnish mobile gaming company with the sourcing of capital investment in the UK for their business and business projects.

Coordinated the development and implementation of a market entry strategy for a Finnish software company in the UK.

Explored the potential for the sale of a major property development opportunity in Helsinki.

Helped a City insurance broker source capital investment for their business.

Introduced an investment banker consortium to a multi-million pound property deal in London.

Investigated the potential funding opportunities for a ground-breaking subsea oil pipeline repair company based in Scandinavia.


Developed a market entry strategy for an Estonian natural cosmetics company.

Explored the options for a Russian investment company who were looking to enter the online gaming market.

Helped develop the business plan for an Estonian design consultancy.

Researched the UK market for a Nordic manufacturer of healthy horse treats.

Other projects . . .


Conducted a project to find a potential buyer for a small commercial port in the Baltic.

Sought investors and investment partners for an education, leisure & development investment programme in the Middle East.

Considered buyers for an Estonian metal cutting enterprise.

Helped find investors for a UK health and well-being enterprise.


Explored commercial opportunities for a Finnish organic water saving product for farms.

Researched possible nanotechnology partners for a Russian client.

Searched for sellers of ‘stock lot’ paper for an Indian based organisation.

Acted as an ‘introducer’ for several UK & Nordic industrial companies looking for buyers/sellers.