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Helping organisations better manage the dynamics of international trade

Smarter offer a flexible 12 stage transaction retainer based contract, which operates across the four key phases of a transaction: Research – Engagement – Commercials – Management (RECM). The RECM Plan has been devised to give our clients maximum flexibility, with Smarter providing only the critical skills and distinctive competencies needed to manage the dynamics of international trade, where there is a ‘gap’ in our client’s capabilities.

Situation Analysis
Basic Research

Our initial consultation (Stage: 1-2) which can take from 1 to 3 hours is absolutely free. We spend time with you to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve in developing your international trade. Following this initial meeting, we undertake some preliminary research in order to give you an overview of the potential options you have open to you.

Detailed Research
Local Market Analysis

If, following a first client review, we confirm that Smarter has the potential to meet your international trade objectives, we will offer you the option to engage us for the next two transaction stages (Stage: 3-4) which typically will take from 5 to 20 hours. Leveraging our extensive local market network, we will seek to identify a buyer or seller in the chosen market.

Potential Client Meetings
Pre Contract Discussions

Having identified a potential buyer or seller, at a second client review, we will offer you the option to engage us for the next two transaction stages (Stage: 5-6). This is likely to take from 20 to 30 hours as we undertake preliminary meetings with your potential clients. Using our local knowledge, and how to do business in our chosen markets, we know what questions to ask and what information is required to initiate a deal.

Client Negotiations

Following a third client review, for those clients who would like Smarter to undertake their client negotiations, we are able to offer proven sales experience, to help you get the right deal. If you choose to use Smarter, we will ask you to engage us for this transaction stage (Stage: 7) on a time & expenses basis.

Translation Services
International Legal Advice
Insurance & Foreign Exchange
International Logistics
Bonded Warehousing

For stage 8-12, Smarter is able to introduce you to our trusted Service Partners, who can provide risk and transaction management support throughout the rest of the deal to the closing of the transaction.