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Smarter Professional Services is the professional services arm of Smarter Limited.

Providing anecdotes and advice, from working in global blue-chip organisations; the Big Four professional services firms and other top-tier Consulting firms and, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME).

Competition for business has become particularly fierce in recent years. Industry consolidation and convergence prompted by corporate mergers and fast-paced technological advances; along with the effects of the changes in global trade and the global economy, have changed the rules of the game.

Smarter Professional Services operates through four service lines:

Smarter Business Development leverages experience from working with some of the largest and best known companies in the world, across many sectors and international markets. We show how to identify and close deals and how to work with ‘C’ Level Executives and professional procurement departments.

Smarter Business Mentoring draws on extensive commercial and financial knowledge and experience from Corporate and SME operations, to support and encourage business managers and owners to grow, develop and succeed in their sphere of business.

Smarter Sales Consulting brings a wealth of professional services “on the job” rainmaking experience to a client to help transform their sales effectiveness and sales success; providing the experience and insight needed to develop effective sales strategies and supporting business models and, sales improvement programmes.

Smarter Sales Training run a series of training interventions to help improve participants' business development skills, tools and confidence, in order to win and retain more long term business that is underpinned by strong and stable business relationships.

Smarter helps busy executives and owner/managers manage gaps in their organisation’s skill base or resource availability. Using our wide and extensive commercial and financial knowledge and experience, we are able to quickly understand and rapidly identify the problems clients are confronting in their business.

 “You have always been regarded as a superstar within KPMG . . . . .”

Janette Wilkinson, Partner, KPMG LLP

“As a Partner of KPMG in the UK, I have worked extensively with Ken Davey during his time with the firm and he has done an outstanding job in helping KPMG win work at new accounts as well as developing those accounts into long running relationships.”

Tudor Aw, Partner, KPMG LLP

“Ken looked after a number of major accounts and was very successful in opening up relationships.”

Peter Read, Partner, KPMG LLP

“Ken is an excellent relationship manager; during his time with me he drove significant sales and customer satisfaction to one of our key accounts. He has high integrity and as such gains the trust of his colleagues and customers.”

Mike Greenwood, VP Applications Consulting, Oracle Corporation