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Responding to our clients’ competitive pressures that now demand greater flexibility and less bureaucracy.

In the new millennium, business depends less and less on a centralised workforce working fixed hours at a common location - competitive pressures now demand greater flexibility and less bureaucracy. Responsibilities are devolved and traditional hierarchies give way to organisational change based on networks of empowered business associates, interim managers and virtual teams.

Smarter business consultants have the skills, experience and expertise to offers unbiased help, opinions and advice. They provide the specialist advice needed when new problems, or new opportunities, arise and demand in-depth skills and experience not found within the organisation. This help, opinions and advice is rendered exclusively in the interests of the client and can cover the provision of information, assessment, analysis, recommendations and implementation.

Smarter leverages experience from working with some of the largest and best known companies in the world, across many sectors and international markets. We show how to identify and close deals and how to work with ‘C’ Level Executives and professional procurement departments.

Our Services include:

- Lead Generation
- Qualification
- Proposal Support
- Closing
- General Business Advice

Working on a discreet basis with only one or two clients at any one time, is a key part of Smarter’s strategy.

“Let me reassure you, I do not doubt the effort you are putting in; I appreciate this and agree that there is some positive progress. I also think that the way you have organised the lists and campaign structure is really useful.”

Ian Hirst, Managing Director, Greenbank Limited - http://www.greenbankltd.com

“Over the last year we have worked with Smarter Limited to develop our Go-to-Market Strategy, which has led directly to closing a significant opportunity. They helped us refine and then test our go to market messages with senior executives in a number of major global and regional organisations, ensuring that we were pitching against pertinent and timely business issues with appropriate solutions. Building on the relationships created in this process we have developed a robust sales development process and are looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Smarter.”

Martin Hazel, Director, Simplexity Limited - http://www.simplexity.co.uk

For most contracts, Smarter operate on a retainer plus commission basis, based on a percentage of the value of the sale; with the retainer being deductible from the total commission payable.

Contracts to perform short-term or long-term advisory projects are usually undertaken on a daily fee or retainer basis.

Business Development Director for a boutique performance improvement consultancy that helps clients move assignments forward quickly and discretely.

Business Development Director for a boutique performance consultancy, specialising in developing leadership, driving sales growth and building teams.

Sales Director for a boutique management consultancy, specialising in change leadership and programme management of strategically important projects.

Advisor to the Board for a London based career management practice.

Other projects . . .

Engaged to provide sales leads for an IT consultancy that focuses on Financial Services.