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Providing our clients with business mentoring and international sales development opinions and advice.

Sales consultants have the skills, experience and expertise to offers unbiased help, opinions and advice. They provide the specialist advice needed when new problems, or new opportunities, arise and demand in-depth skills and experience not found within the organisation. This help, opinions and advice is rendered exclusively in the interests of the client and can cover the provision of information, assessment, analysis, recommendations and implementation.

Smarter brings a wealth of professional services “on the job” rainmaking experience to a client to help transform their sales effectiveness and sales success; providing the experience and insight needed to develop effective sales strategies and supporting business models and, sales improvement programmes.

Our Services include:

Workshops: to build a Business Development ‘Tool Kit’

- ‘One Pager’ Value Proposition
- Service Descriptions
- Case Studies
- Elevator Pitch

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Building a B2B Market Presence Half Day Workshop.pdf

Consultancy: to deliver Sales Improvement Programmes

- Sales Process
- Qualification Process
- Pipeline Management
- Closure Plan

Working on a discreet basis with only one or two clients at any one time, is a key part of Smarter’s strategy.

“Smarter facilitated excellent sessions to surface our core market message issues, and then, using their Business Development ‘Tool Kit’, were scrupulous on the wording of our Go-to-Market Strategy documentation; refining and changing it in response to feedback from meetings with target clients - meetings which they were adept at securing, managing and following through. In addition, Smarter also gave us a very clear steer on improving our best practice sales development.”

Ciarán Fenton, Founding Partner, Ciaran Fenton Limited - http://www.fentonllp.com

Contracts to perform short-term or long-term sales consulting projects are usually undertaken on a daily fee basis.

Engaged by the commercial director of top twenty law firm to develop a sales and marketing improvement programme.

Worked with a Russian investor based in the UK as a trusted business partner and advisor, to help better understand how to do business in the UK and, make contact with appropriate business companies/persons, in order to pursue a range of business activities and investments in (and from) the UK.

Sales & Marketing Advisor for a start-up ‘Business Angel’ consultancy.

Other projects . . .

Sales & Marketing Advisor to a Portuguese drinks company.